Reasons Today's Cars Are Better Than Older Vehicles

Not sure whether to keep driving your aging ride for another season, or upgrade to something with that new car smell? You already know that Capitol Subaru is the place to go for the best customer service experience and the widest selection of new Subaru models in the region. So, if you still can't decide if you're ready to upgrade to a new vehicle, here are five important things you might be missing out on. No matter what kind of car you're looking for, from entry-level city cars and commuters to luxurious family transportation to sporty performers, you'll find them all here.

With a convenient touchscreen like this one, modern car stereos are easier than ever to use 

5. Modern Convenience

Driving an older vehicle means, at best, making do with a hands-free phone mount so you can use Google Maps or stream Bluetooth® audio to your stereo. Or you might just stick the thing in a cup holder and use an AUX cable. Not only is it safer to leave your phone in your pocket while you drive, it's easier in a modern vehicle since they can pair with your phone automatically. Then, using the center stack touchscreen, you can mirror select apps for use in your car like Maps, Spotify, Messages and more.

Modern cars are greener and are designed to pollute less than older models, too 

4. Superior Performance

Thanks to modern engineering like direct fuel injection, sophisticated transmissions and computer-controlled ignition systems, most modern cars feel more nimble and exciting to drive than an aging older vehicle. Even though stronger crash frames, larger cabins and more features make them heavier, they provide a lot more horsepower. You can even get levels of horsepower once reserved for powerful V8 sports cars in something like the Outback XT or Legacy XT, generating 260 horsepower from a small, four-cylinder engine. No longer do you have to pay sports car prices for exciting performance.

3. Greener Efficiency

Thanks to turbocharged engines and smaller displacements, modern cars also get better gas mileage. Ask about the availability of the new 2021 Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid and get up to 90 MPGe, for a level of performance no ordinary gasoline engine could achieve. If you're not ready to upgrade to a plug-in hybrid or electric car, modern Subaru vehicles still achieve outstanding fuel economy compared to older vehicles, even with standard Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive.

Modern cars feature durable frames that can better withstand a collision 

2. Advanced Crash Safety Design

Crash test standards are more stringent than ever these days. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Insurance Institute for Highway Safety perform crash tests for cars sold in the United States, and they're always updating their standards. Cars sold even just a handful of years ago wouldn't be able to achieve the best possible scores in crash tests today. But all the latest Subaru vehicles enjoy a five-star overall safety rating from the NHTSA and Subaru vehicles earned more 2020 Top Safety Pick+ awards than any other brand.

1. Modern Driver Assistance

Best of all, modern vehicles now boast driver assist features that were once limited to the most exclusive, advanced luxury cars on the road. Modern cars can help you avoid accidents by alerting you to a slow down in traffic ahead, automatically braking for a sudden obstruction ahead, watching for traffic in your blind spot and so much more. By making these features standard on more models than ever for 2021, Subaru is making it more affordable for more families to enjoy the latest in driver assist technology.