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When it's time to replace or upgrade a part of your Subaru, you might think all parts are created equal. This truly isn't the case when you compare Genuine Subaru parts to aftermarket or third-party generic options. Here at Capitol Subaru we only provide the best parts available for your ride, and our parts department is stocked with OEM parts to fit the unique design of your Subaru. You can find different parts at different stores, but if you aren't shopping for a Genuine Subaru product, then the design isn't married perfectly to your ride. This can cause issues with fit, which can result in damage to your vehicle or requiring another repair sooner. We take care of our customers here on the parkway; that's why you can trust Capitol Subaru to offer you the best quality around, which helps to maintain the overall integrity of your ride. Find parts made for your vehicle here, at a competitive price. Discovering "original equipment manufacturer" or OEM products shouldn't be a stab in the dark. We take the long search out of the equation, so you can get back to cruising with extra peace of mind in no time.

A Parts Center Catered to You

We aim to provide you the best deals around on parts that outmatch the competition. We sell all our OEM parts at a fair market price, and while the upfront cost might be a little more than our generic competitors, you're getting the quality that only Subaru can match, and the extra comfort that you're choosing parts precision-made for your ride. We work hard to keep our inventory well-stocked, so you can have your vehicle taken care of in a jiff or if you're a handy DIY-er, you can get the problem finished typically without delay. If there's a specific or unusual part that you need for a project that is not usually found in store, we can order the part for you and have it delivered to our center so you don't have to worry about the arrival. If you aren't certain what you're looking for, our expert team of knowledgeable staff members are here to help you navigate the available parts for you, so you make the right decision the first time. And with our comprehensive service center, we can get the job handled for you no matter what.

There are some standard parts and accessories that are almost always available when you stop in. From windshield wiper replacements to belts, hoses, alternators, shocks and struts, air and oil filters, batteries and AC compressors, we have a variety of parts routinely available. We even offer grilles, door handles, window frames, fuel tanks and bumpers and often have these in shop for you. Our inventory is expansive, and we try to keep as much on hand as we can so that repairs don't need to be delayed. If you're looking to add an accessory, we often have floor mats, seat covers and more catered to your ride available here on you can find them online if we don't have the style you're looking for. Online shopping is easy, and at the touch of a button you can have everything you need ordered and delivered to our store, so all you have to do is stop in and pick up when you're ready. If you're having your vehicle repaired in our service center, upon approval for services, we'll handle ordering the parts as you can take that extra weight off your shoulders. Let us help keep your ride in tip-top shape here at Nate Wade Subaru.

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