Subaru is many things to many people: a companion to the wilderness explorer, a protector to the suburban family, and a reliable tool for the average commuter. One of the relationships that they're most proud of is their relationship with America's dog owners. For years, Subaru has happily and famously been the most preferred brand among dog owners, but it's never been properly discussed why that is. So, here are 5 reasons why dog owners prefer Subaru over any other brand.

Dog Owners Subaru Options

5. Subaru Dog Accessories

Let's get the shameless plug out of the way first: Subaru offers an impressive selection of dog and pet accessories to keep them safe and occupied while in your vehicle. From collapsable kennels to seat covers to travel bowls, there are Subaru approved products and accessories for every model and nearly every dog. Browse the Subaru  online pet-accessory store to find what you and your dog need today.

4. Safety

Subaru has long had a stellar reputation for leading vehicle safety. In fact, Subaru has been awarded more Top Safety Pick+ from the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety than Toyota, Hyundai, or Ford. Their cutting edge vehicle design, airbag systems, and driver assist technologies make Subaru vehicles some of the safest vehicles on the road. All of these safety measures extend to your passengers, including the ones of the furry variety. As long your animal is properly stored and located, your Subaru will keep them as safe as possible.

3. Variety

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, from great, big Saint Bernards to tiny chihuahuas. All that variety necessitates options for vehicles that comfortably meet the needs of every size dog. Luckily, Subaru has just such a lineup. If you have big dogs, you may prefer the spacious Subaru Ascent that has three-row seating and a large cargo area. If you only have one mid-to-large size dog, the flat, open storage area of the Forester would likely meet your needs. And of course, either the Impreza or the Legacy would probably be just fine for your little lap dogs. No matter what your dog looks like, Subaru is sure to have a vehicle that fits them.

Subaru Dog Accessories

2. History

Subaru has a long history of partnering with local communities, pursuing improvements to our world, and helping to take care of pets. In fact, Subaru sponsored two crash-test safety studies performed by the Center for Pet Safety, and Subaru has donated over $30 million to the ASPCA to support animal welfare related events and to help rescue and rehome over 74,000 animals nationwide. Subaru really does love pets, and this is just one more example of how Subaru is so much more than one of the world's best car makers.

1. "Subaru Loves Pets"

Speaking of, part of the Subaru Love Promise is literally devoted just to pets. The "Subaru Loves Pets" initiative is the umbrella under which Subaru orchestrates all of their animal related endeavors. In addition to what's mentioned above, Subaru also actively participates in Nation Make A Dog's Day and sponsors hard-to-adopt "underdogs". Subaru is fully committed to every member of your family, and they're always expanding ways to help you. Overall, it's this commitment that drives dog owners to choose Subaru every time.

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