Whether you're tired of your current ride, or it's on its last leg and you need to trade up, we're here to help at Capitol Subaru. Once you pay off a vehicle, or if you bought it outright, the ride is yours to do with what you want. Even if you're still paying, we will gladly speak with you about available options for a trade. Once you're ready to part ways with your current vehicle, or if you're just curious about the value of your ride, we're here to help. A lot goes into the consideration of what your vehicle could be worth, from wear and tear to model year and overall mileage, there's a grocery list of things that potential buyers and trade-ins alike look for when making an offer.

We want to offer you a fair value for your vehicle that would work for both of us. The older the vehicle, or the less taken care of that it is, the lower the overall value could be. To keep either side from being biased on the true worth, we use the vehicle identification number (VIN) for the most accurate estimate possible. By plugging in this number, and a few other pertinent details, we can get a ballpark figure. When you trade-in a vehicle with us, there's the option to accept a cash out payment or trade-in and up for a new Subaru to fit your needs. This takes the headache out of figuring out what to do with your old ride and you won't need to haggle with anyone as a private seller about the price. The offer is made here at Capitol Subaru with a no obligation context, so you can take the offer or leave it without worrying about being harassed to accept. If you're set on getting a new ride anyway, this is one less step that you'll need to deal with.

Trade-In and Trade Up

Let's make the car-shopping process a bit easier. If you decide to take the trade offer Capitol Subaru makes, then you have a bit of money to go towards your new ride, big or small. Even a little extra can help keep initial costs down and get that old driver out of your life and off your mind. When you trade-in, there's a variety of vehicles available for you to check out. The latest Outback and Crossover SUV models are available to check out, with endless interior comforts, exterior features, and driver assist technology across the lineup. Enjoy the same type of luxuries with smaller body vehicles like the Impreza sedan or 5-door, and the ever-popular Legacy. Or add a bit of spice to life after you've gotten your trade in value and go big with the BRZ or WRX and take every curve ahead like a pro. Even if you decide to keep your ride and don't go for a trade-in, we still have some of the best models for next year available at our dealership here in Salem. Don't wait, give us a call today and come be part of the Subaru experience for yourself.