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Click here to learn about Minor Service I at 3,750 miles or 3.75 mos - whichever comes first.
Click here to learn about Minor Service II at 7,500 miles or 7.5 mos - whichever comes first.
Click here to learn about Intermediate Service at 15,000 miles or 15 mos - whichever comes first.
Click here to learn more about Major Service I at 30,000 miles or 30 mos - whichever comes first.
Click here to learn more about Major Service II at 60,000 miles or 60 mos - whichever comes first.
Click here to learn more about the Special 105k Service performed at 105,000 miles.

Subaru is known for being a reliable, safety-savvy brand, but we are also renowned for vehicles that truly go the distance. There are more than 96% of Subaru vehicles produced in the last 10 years still cruising down the road today according to Experian. That kind of longevity isn't guaranteed, however, if care for your ride falls to the wayside. You have an even better chance of getting the most out of your ride if you optimize maintenance with this suggested maintenance schedule from Subaru. As the creators of this iconic brand, the maintenance schedule is attuned to the unique engineering behind Subaru models and keeps you from unknowingly pushing off needed services for too long or having your vehicle serviced too often and accruing unnecessary expenses. You might have a daily mechanic in mind to take care of your ride, or use a third-party service center to help ensure the care of your vehicle. But outside parties aren't specifically trained in the ins and outs of Subaru engineering, and they don't know about little quirks with Subaru maintenance and upkeep. Our experts here are all factory-trained to take on each individual ride with care and consideration, and each technician is certified by Subaru.

When you choose a service center outside of a Subaru-approved center, you run the risk of a jack-of-all-trades technician missing out on the unique maintenance schedule provided by Subaru. Our technicians take care of the hassle for you, using the schedule guidelines to diagnose any services that need to be handled in the near future. This takes the pressure off of you, and you can trust that our technicians are trained to know when the next routine maintenance or repair is due. Not only do you get your car cared for by the best Suabru experts around, but you'll know that quality is going back into your ride with each service. Our parts and accessories department only utilizes genuine OEM parts and accessories, so you can rest assured the fit of each new part is ideal with a Subaru-approved replacement. Other service centers don't know the suggested maintenance schedule, and when it's time for repairs they will often use aftermarket or generic parts to get the job done. These parts and accessories aren't uniquely tuned to the mechanics inside your ride, and without a proper fit you could be back for another repair sooner than anticipated.

Trust Capitol Subaru to Take Care of You

Stop in and visit our dealership to discover the suggested maintenance schedule for your Subaru. Each vehicle and model year is unique, and the suggested services can vary for each car or SUV. Our technicians can provide the suggested schedule catered to you so you can compare to any previous maintenance and services done on your ride. And if you aren't quite sure where your maintenance is at and what's needed next, one of our technicians can happily run a diagnostic exam for you. Visit us today on the parkway and see what makes Subaru vehicles so special. We look forward to caring for your ride here in Salem.