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Car troubles are nothing if not frustrating. But you know that Capitol Subaru is always the answer for all of your Subaru needs. An important decision is what parts to use.There is a substantial difference between a "used" and an OEM remanufactured car part. When choosing between a "used" car part and one that has been remanufactured by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), you will want to go with the remanufactured OEM parts for several reasons. Many automotive parts are complex assemblies made up of many pieces, and not all of them are subject to wear away like most others. For example, brake pads will eventually wear out from normal everyday use, but the calipers that hold them in place will, in most cases, last the lifetime of your car.

In a more challenging structure such as a carburetor, to replace inner pieces that have worn out results in a carburetor that is practically brand new. This saves a lot of money, since the rest of the carburetor doesn't need to be manufactured from scratch; and those savings are passed on to the customer. Remanufacturing is environmentally friendly, because it reduces waste while also drastically reducing the demand for newly manufactured parts. Capitol Subaru in Salem, Oregon maintains a vast inventory of genuine Subaru remanufactured parts. Order yours today either by phone or right here online!

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Everyone knows you can visit an aftermarket parts supplier and find what you're looking for less but the old adage always holds true: you get what you pay for. Buying parts for your vehicle based on price only means that you'll more than likely be shelling out more money to replace that part within a year or two. When you choose Capitol Subaru for your car-part needs, you can rest assured that we use only genuine Subaru parts, products, and accessories. OEM parts are more reliable and longer-lasting, which means you're saving money over time. Manufacturer-quality parts are specifically engineered for your Subaru so you know you're getting only the best put back into your vehicle. Don't forget to check out our monthly parts coupons and special offers to save you even more. Stop by Capitol Subaru today and see the difference yourself!