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When it comes time for the inevitable repairs and replacements for parts inside your ride, you aim to maintain the integrity of your Subaru. There are plenty of options out there for replacements, and you might be interested in learning more about used parts to save some money. But in the automotive world, there's a huge leap between the traditionally used part and a remanufactured car part. Used parts have wear and tear and there's no guarantee of the quality of the part, much less how much life is left in it. When you choose an OEM remanufactured part, the part is a product of the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) taking the used part, remanufacturing it, and returning it to the market after passing a series of quality tests under the unique "OEM remanufactured" title. Each part inside your ride has a specific wear and tear timeline, and not all parts are created equal or applicable to be remanufactured. Brake pads for example need to be routinely repaired and replaced from everyday use and won't be remanufactured. However, the calipers that help hold them in place have a longer lifespan and often last throughout the lifetime of your ride. Many of the parts inside your vehicle are made up of different components that work together to function, and it's a good idea to know how these pieces wear down differently. That's where the remanufactured option comes into play to help you save on the overall product.

Remanufacturing parts for your vehicle is eco-friendly and helps to reduce landfill waste and our lasting impression on the environment. Your carburetor may only need to replace inner workings that are overused, and the result of this redone or remanufactured product is a nearly new carburetor. Since this new part is not made from scratch, you can reap the benefits of those savings with a lower overall price. That's part of what makes the OEM remanufactured market such a sought-after concept; there's a greatly reduced price to having your vehicle serviced, and that's why we aim to make these parts available to you here at Capitol Subaru. You are always welcome to stop in and see what's available here in our parts department or feel free to call ahead and find out if we have what you're looking for in stock. No matter the part, we strive to help you find a match here in the OEM remanufactured market. And when you take advantage of our comprehensive parts department, you can also benefit from using our service center to have the replacement Genuine Subaru remanufactured part installed. Our experts are all factory-trained and certified, so you're getting the best Subaru technicians around to handle your ride. But don't just take our word for it; stop in and visit us on the parkway to see why Capitol Subaru is your premier dealership in Salem.