Reasons Why Cruise Control Won't Work - Subaru Service Information To Know in Salem, OR

Leg, foot and ankle fatigue can really take the enjoyment out of long road trips and highway journeys -- but that's precisely what cruise control is for. It'll automatically maintain a speed you set, so you can relax your legs on long trips. If your cruise control stops working, it can subject you to a cramped, uncomfortable drive.

Let us fix your cruise control if it isn't working at Capitol Subaru in Salem! Depending on what kind of cruise control system your car is equipped with, it may be electronic or mechanical parts that have failed. Stop by our state-of-the-art service department to have one of our smart, friendly technicians take a look at your car's cruise control system.

Steering Wheel Cruise Controls

3. Mechanical Cruise Control: Severed Cruise Control Cable

Many older cars feature mechanical, vacuum-actuated cruise control systems that use a physical connection to adjust the vehicle's speed. A physical cable connected to a vacuum actuator pulls on the throttle body, opening and closing it when more or less speed is needed. However, if this cable becomes severed or disconnected, the cruise control will stop working. Or, if there's a vacuum leak in the cruise control actuator, the system won't be able to manipulate the throttle and adjust your speed. You'll need a technician to take a look at these components and replace a bad actuator or severed cable.

Automotive Fuse

2. Modern Cruise Control: Electronic Fault

In most modern cars, you'll find that cruise control is mostly operated electronically. The vehicle's Engine Control Unit receives speed data from the speed sensors, and manipulates the throttle to help you maintain your desired speed. That means that electronic problems -- like blown fuses, faulty speed sensors or a bad ECU -- can cause your cruise control to malfunction. Since electrical issues can be tough to diagnose on modern cars, you may want to have a technician at Capitol Subaru take a closer look at your car if the cruise control has stopped working.

Adaptive Cruise Control 

1. Adaptive Cruise Control: Bad Sensors

Nowadays, the latest Subaru automobiles come with Subaru EyeSight® driver assistance technology, including Adaptive Cruise Control. This new type of cruise control not only maintains a set speed, it uses advanced camera and sensor data to track the traffic around you. It'll slow down and accelerate to safely follow the traffic ahead, without you ever having to manipulate the pedals. But, if the sensors become damaged or blocked by something, the system may not work as intended. If your car is equipped with the latest Adaptive Cruise Control technology, but it has stopped working, visit Capitol Subaru. Our factory trained technicians are experienced with all the latest Subaru innovations, and we can repair your Adaptive Cruise Control system quickly and easily.

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