Subaru drivetrain fluid exchange service in Salem, OR

There are a number of things you can do to keep your Subaru running at peak performance. This includes regular car washes and staying current on your routine maintenance like tire rotations, oil changes, and filter replacements. One thing you may not think about, however, is scheduled cleaning for your transmission. If this service is ignored or falls by the wayside, soon your Subaru will need more costly care. Every Subaru is engineered to last, especially the Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive that comes standard on almost every model, but even the best equipment will start to wear down after years of use or if it isn't properly maintained. In the same way that your Subaru engine can be damaged by contaminants that can infiltrate your engine oil system, your drivetrain can be damaged in a similar manner. Repairing a transmission can make a huge dent in your wallet, to say nothing of replacing it. To ensure this never happens to you, Capitol Subaru offers transmission and drivetrain fluid change service.

Drivetrain Fluid Exchange in Salem, OR

Your Drivetrain Explained

The drivetrain of your Subaru consists of multiple components, with the transmission being just one of them. Also known as the gearbox, the transmission houses the gears that allow the wheels to turn at varying speeds without putting too much strain on the engine. It includes the clutch that connects and disconnects the crankshaft with the turning gears. The drivetrain extends beyond the transmission to the driveshafts; lengthy tubes that run from the engine to the wheels. Each driveshaft has a U-joint or CV joint that enables it to bend in different directions while spinning, allowing the wheels to move along with the suspension. The differentials sit at the ends of the driveshafts, between the front and rear wheels, and permit the wheels on each side to spin at different speeds while the vehicle is turning or when more power needs to be sent to the one side of the Subaru AWD system. These components need specially formulated fluids to lubricate them at various points where they interact with other parts. Lubrication prevents wear and tear and eventual failure of the parts. Regular checkups and lubrication at the recommended intervals will keep the drivetrain running smoothly, just like a well-oiled machine.

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When Should You Have Your Fluid Changed?

With so much on the line, it's imperative that you have your drivetrain inspected and lubricated at the right time. Your Subaru owner's manual will let you know at how many miles to have this service performed; but in general, it comes down to if you're driving a manual or an automatic transmission. If your Subaru has a manual transmission it's a good idea to have it checked every 30,000 to 60,000 miles, while you can double that number if you're driving an automatic. If you've purchased a previously-owned Subaru from an outside source and are unsure when the last drivetrain service was performed and the odometer reading is higher than the recommended level, we suggest dropping your vehicle off with our expert technicians at Capitol Subaru. They use only genuine OEM parts and fluids and have been trained and certified by Subaru of America so they know your vehicle inside and out. To schedule your transmission and drivetrain fluid change service, give us a call or utilize our handy online scheduling tool. You can always stop by our service center to get on our books as well; we're always excited to see you.

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