5 Things To Do If The Windows Are Broken On Your Subaru Vehicle

Things to Know About Broken Vehicle Windows - Subaru Service Information To Know in Salem, OR

Automotive glass is a miracle of engineering. Think about it! It's somehow strong enough to withstand highway cruising speeds, buffeting winds, rain, snow, hailstones, leaves and bird droppings -- yet it's utterly see-through, and even helps keep the bright sun and loud road noises out of the cabin. Even when it does break, it's designed to break safely, so you're not hurt by glass shards.

If the windows or windshield have been shattered on your car, we can help at Capitol Subaru. Not only can our talented technicians carry out the repair, we've even gathered this information to help you navigate the process. Below are five key steps to take when your car's windows have been broken.

Shattered Car Windshield

5. Assess The Damage

When you first notice a broken window on your car, you'll want to figure out what caused it. Sometimes, it's pretty obvious. A hailstorm can break car windows, as can a neighbor kid's baseball. But, if the glass was broken for no apparent reason, take a look inside. It could be a car theft that went awry. Or, the thief may only have wanted something they saw inside the vehicle. Check the contents of your car, and see if anything was stolen.

Remember: If your car was broken into, or you suspect vandalism, leave the vehicle as it is and file a police report. Depending on the situation, an officer may be dispatched to fill out the report and take a statement. Then, proceed to our next step....

Broken Side Window

4. Apply A Temporary Window Covering

This step applies only to broken windows -- a broken windshield can't just be temporarily replaced. If your vehicle's front windshield is completely shattered and the vehicle isn't safe to drive, you may need a tow to our service department.

But, if you just need to get a side window opening covered so you can finish the day's errands and head to our service center, this is how we recommend going about it. First, remove any window glass that's still in the window itself. Don't worry, automotive safety glass is designed to shatter into thousands and thousands of tiny pieces that shouldn't cut you like ordinary glass -- but grab a pair of gloves just in case. Remove the remaining glass from the window opening, then you can cover it with clear packing tape. Start at one side of the window and add vertical strips of packing tape, working your way across, overlapping the tape strips until the whole window is covered. Be sure to do this from inside the car, not outside, as the tape can damage the vehicle's paint.

3. Determine If You Need Auto Glass Repair Or Replacement

If your car's windshield has suffered a crack or a pit from a small rock, you might be able to have it repaired instead of replaced -- saving you money! Small cracks or chips that are located away from the edges of the glass can sometimes be fixed. However, your window of time to get this repair starts closing fast. As temperatures fluctuate and your car subtly flexes as it goes over bumps in the road, the crack or chip can quickly grow. Once the chip exceeds about 1" in size, or a hairline crack exceeds 12" in length, the whole windshield will simply need to be replaced. The sooner you can visit Capitol Subaru for a fix, the more likely we can help you save money.

Auto Glass Technicians 

2. Know If Insurance Will Waive The Deductible

We'll let you in on a little secret: your insurance company might cover repairs to your car's windshield in some cases, and may even waive the deductible, so you pay nothing out of pocket.

If your windshield or window glass is broken in an accident that's not your fault, the glass repair should be covered by the other motorist's insurance -- just like any damage to the rest of your car. Or, if you have comprehensive insurance, and your auto glass was damaged some other way, reach out to your insurance company. Often, if the damage to the glass can be repaired rather than having the whole windshield replaced, your insurance company will waive your deductible. Your insurance provider would rather forfeit the deductible to encourage you to get the windshield repaired rather than pay for a costly replacement.

1. Get The Broken Glass Replaced

A cracked windshield can affect visibility, and lead to more cracks as the glass flexes and shifts over time. A broken car window can give pests, thieves and the elements unfettered access to your car's interior. That's why you'll want to get these parts fixed right away! You might assume you need to visit a boutique auto glass repair place for this service, but we think it's better to visit Capitol Subaru instead. We can repair your Subaru vehicle's windows and windshield perfectly to OEM spec.

What's more, cutting-edge driver assist features may require OEM glass replacement. Subaru EyeSight® uses advanced cameras located at the top of the windshield to detect the traffic ahead of you. When the windshield is replaced on a car with EyeSight®, the whole system needs to be recalibrated. That's why it makes sense to get all repairs carried out by dealership experts!

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