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Why Lease Your Next Vehicle From Capitol Subaru In Salem, OR?

It seems like everyone has something to say about leasing a vehicle, but what do the facts say? Here at Capitol Subaru we believe our customers are best served when they are well informed so here are some reasons that you might want to lease your next Subaru from us:

  • The benefits of driving a new Subaru are many, to include a generous factory warranty and the confidence that comes with a new vehicle free of neglect, abuse, or any mileage.
  • Leasing allows you to always enjoy these benefits at a much lower cost than purchasing.
  • Not only are the upfront costs of leasing generally much less than those of purchasing, your monthly payments are also typically much lower. This is because when you lease, you are not responsible for the total cost of the vehicle. These cost savings continue at the end of the lease where you will be free of the negative equity typically associated with purchasing.
  • Most lease options also include GAP insurance and scheduled maintenance to make things that much easier.

We are proud a variety of lease options to fit most budgets at Capitol Subaru and our finance team is more than happy to tell you all about leasing.

Buying Leasing
Sizable down payment Money Down Less up front money
Higher monthly payment Monthly Payment Lower monthly payment (up to 60% lower)
Negotiated trade-in value Trade-in No trade in hassle or negotiation
Responsible for maintenance costs after warranty expires Warranty Less maintenance - typically always under warranty
GAP protection not included - added expense to purchase GAP Protection GAP protection included
Stagnant technology based on what was in effect at time of purchase Technology Technology obsolescence protection
No loyalty incentives Loyalty Lease loyalty incentives
Eligible for all dealer incentives Incentives Eligible for all dealer incentives
Potential negative equity if you sell your car before it is paid off Equity No chance of negative equity
Not required to maintain vehicle, but since you may eventually own it, why wouldn't you? Program Maintenance Responsible for program maintenance per manufacturers recommendation or you may be charged excess wear and tear
The negotiated price of a new vehicle is the same Vehicle Price The negotiated price of a new vehicle is the same
Insurance payments are the same Insurance Insurance payments are the same

Lease Your Next Vehicle At Capitol Subaru And Save Big In Salem, OR

When the time comes to upgrade your vehicle, consider leasing a new Subaru from our huge inventory at Capitol Subaru. We frequently update our specials to help you get into the Subaru of your dreams. We also offer a wide range of certified pre-owned Subaru models along with a vast selection of top-quality used vehicles. When the time comes for maintenance and repair, you will appreciate our regularly updated service special offers and factory trained technicians in our Service Department. If you're more of a do-it-yourselfer, you'll love to browse the genuine Subaru parts and accessories conveniently available in our well-stocked Parts Department where we also offer frequently updated money saving parts specials. Find out what we mean by doing business Your Way on the Parkway when you visit our convenient location at 920 Auto Group Ave NE, Salem, OR 97301. For any questions you may have about leasing or the benefits of a new Subaru, give our Sales Department a call at (888) 698-1973. We'd be honored to answer your questions and schedule a test drive. We are excited to serve with a higher level of customer service at Capitol Subaru.

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