Customer Testimonials

Dear Ms. Asman:

I just wanted to write you a brief note to tell you how pleased I was with the service I received from Scott VonWeller when I bought my new Subaru a couple of weeks ago. 
Scott was prompt in his correspondence, gave me all the attention I needed without being overbearing, answered lots of questions, showed great respect for my time, and exhibited patience and a sense of humor.  He impressed me as being very down-to-earth and relatable, and he was very understanding when it came to my kids (showed them the turtle nest, walked at their pace around the lot etc.).
I really appreciated that Scott recognized me as the buyer, and therefore directed his energy toward me and did not automatically defer to my significant other, while not ignoring him either.  He also showed attention to detail, following my requests and preparing for me before I showed up for my scheduled visits.  He listened and knew what I wanted and did not waste my time.  He was polite and accommodating, never condescending, and made the whole process almost stress-free and definitely pleasant. 
Using the Costco program really streamlined the process, but Scott was the one who actually made it fun and enjoyable.  Please share with him my appreciation for his time and efforts.  I would definitely recommend him and the Costco program to friends.
PS: your new facilities are beautiful!
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