The Birds and the Trees

The Birds and the Trees with Dr David Craig

Capitol Subaru

April 22, 2015

In a unique and beautiful location, Straub Environmental Center and Capitol Subaru hosted an Earth Day lecture about the local Willamette Valley birds and trees. Dr. David Craig spoke about the importance of the Oregon White Oak Tree and its inhabitants. This native tree is precious to the Willamette Valley and he gave an eloquent and ecological understanding to the community about why the remaining trees need to be preserved. He connected us, as people, to the interconnectedness of Nature. He connected us all, to all that is before us, our environment and the struggle we face as development increases. Our beautiful Willamette Valley and its inhabitants, all of them, have great need to be preserved and respected for the greater good of Nature.  He gave an honorable call to action and responsibility to the attendees of the lecture to preserve the White Oak in the valley they love so much because it is our home as well. 

The attendees of this lecture were most of Straub Environmental Center’s loyal friends and donors of the Sustainer’s Circle; true environmental stewards. The venue of this lecture, Capitol Subaru, was a perfect setting as it is nestled on a unique and fragile ecosystem where the Western Pond Turtle is making a recovery in numbers there due to preservation acts on behalf of the Capitol Auto Group.

Capitol Subaru strives to bring environmental awareness and respect as they preserve the grounds they rest on and running recycling events such as the E-cycle event that ends April 30th. Straub Environmental Center’s whole mission is to create awareness and understanding of our relationship to the environment, working in partnership with our community. Straub Environmental Center’s environmental education programs teach and motivate people to become active stewards of the environment.

We received a full and holistic perspective of collaborating together to create that resilient community through Dr. David Craig’s lecture, the venue at Capitol Subaru, and celebrating Earth Day with loyal environmental stewards inspiring them further to preserve the wild places left in the Willamette Valley.

As Dr. Craig recited the slide of the famous quote that enlightened the room:

 “When we honor the Earth, We honor ourselves” (L.M. Wilde)

Written By Nicole Rose
Program Director
Straub Enviornmental Center

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