Capitol Subaru Hosts Bill Sullivan Speaking event

If a year and a half of living in Oregon has taught me one thing is that this State provides one of the world's finest outdoor experiences. I've seen a fair share of nature's masterpieces but I have to say, Mother Nature scored with the Beaver State. Hi, I'm Steve and travel, nature, sampling awesome beer and food has been one of the reasons why I moved to Oregon and currently work at Capitol Subaru. A year and a half here has left quite the impression on me and on one sunny afternoon at Capitol Subaru’s STRAMB environmental center and Oregon hiking event I met outdoorsman William Sullivan and that impression was deepened. In addition to the small mountain of books he'd written, I and the 500 + guests at the event were blown away with his in depth presentation of Oregon's trails, mountains, rivers and forests and wildlife. I spent several hours before and after the eye opening presentation talking with our local environments unsung heroes that work hard to keep our outdoors as pristine as they are. The displays at the event included Oregon's wildlife committee, our local tree cops, game and hunting wizards, oh and even those awesome rangers who make sure people like me don't try to hand feed local grizzlies. Besides the fun I had, I was impressed with Subaru customer’s commitment to the community and their enthusiasm to contribute to making this corner of the world a better place. It feels good at the end of the day to work for a company that offers a vehicle that can handle the kind of adventures Oregonians love to tackle, and works to insure the environment they're exploring has a long lasting future. 


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